Protect Your Playground


Playgrounds aren’t limited to spaces for swings and slides. They are also the mountains we ski down and hike up, the skate and terrain parks that consume our days, and the countless havens boosting our next big adventure.

But what would our world, our lives, be without these playgrounds? The continued use of these is only guaranteed by our consciousness today. There is a wealth of inspired ideas to protect local environments, but the vision for change doesn’t always come with the necessary resources to make that dream a reality.

Protect Your Playground exists to empower and inspire individuals to identify and develop solutions for environmental issues that affect their local natural playgrounds. We know that by providing innovative, environmentally minded individuals with the tools and resources they need to turn their ideas into action and impact, together we can make systemic, lasting contributions to our communities.

The question is:
how can we help you Protect Your Playground?

Think big. Play big.

Great ideas often come from unassuming places and if your brainstorming skills are anything like your recreational ones, there’s a good chance you’ve already been thinking about this. Gather your concept(s), rally the troops, and apply for a Protect Your Playground grant. If your innovative, environmentally focused idea is the right one, we'll supply the tools and resources you need to turn that idea into reality. Together we can make systemic, lasting contributions to our environment.

Your idea will be reviewed by our team of experts. If your entry is selected, it will be promoted on the grounds of Boreal Mountain Resort as well as through our social networks to bring that much more attention to your plan.


Dylan Eichenberg

Boreal Mountain Resort and the Powdr group are pleased to award Dylan a Protect Your Playground grant of $2000 to help him on his crusade to clean up the beaches of Lake Tahoe.

Graffiti has become an increasingly bad problem in the past 5 years, and we have already done a lot to remove existing tags and slow the tags from spreading. However, new sightings are frequently reported and state parks have contacted me that they want my help to remove tags the way we did at Bonsai Beach.

Residents and visitors find graffiti to be very unsightly, taking away from the natural beauty of the area. Removing the graffiti is the best way to put the focus back on the pure magic of the lake, while also being an excellent way to bring people in the community together to do something great for the beaches and trails we love.


Michael Ledeboer

Boreal Mountain Resort biodiesel program will continue to serve our area locally by lowering the amount of carbon emissions Boreal emits and by promoting a renewable alternative to conventional diesel or electricity. This biodiesel program is needed because climate change in affecting the ski industry dramatically. Ski areas should do everything they can to slow climate change. The Boreal Mountain Resort Biodiesel program will make a difference locally by proving biodiesel can be used many ways in the ski industry, even in cold weather.

The goal of the Boreal Mountain Resort Biodiesel Program is to successfully convert as much waste vegetable as possible into biodiesel and run it in as many different types of equipment as possible.


Skate the Lake is a 28 mile event on the bike path from Sugar Pine Point to Squaw Valley Back to Tahoe City. Skate the Lake empowers the community to come together and create breast cancer prevention through B4BC'S outreach program. To live a healthy active lifestyle, mind body and soul as best breast cancer prevention. It teaches communities that camaraderie is what it takes to protect our planet, and ourselves. As one we can take on any challenge that presents itself. With skate the Lake we have stimulated our economy and shown the importance of community. How to reduce our carbon footprint so that those who follow our footsteps will be inspired and do the same.

My goals for this project the last 11 years have been to provide a space in which communities can learn from each other and build a stronger foundation to teach our youth the importance of teamwork, and passion. That it is good to speak your mind and learn from those who around you. to not dwell on the past, but to be the change of the future. The importance of self love and love for others.

Israel James Valenzuela

Rock the Ridgeline Festival June 20th 2015. This Festival/Concert/Awareness campaign is being created by 3 different Non-Profit Organizations, Protect our Ridgelines, Save Tahoe Forests and Friends of the West Shore. We have come together to put on festival that will include 4 bands, 3 Dj's, food and drink vending and MOST importantly, booths that will serve to inform the community of Lake Tahoe.

The goals of this project is to make our community and the greater conservation community as a whole realize how the Tahoe basin, our forests and water need to our protection to Protect Your Playground.